Nesting & Stacking Sets

A multiple marquise tiara band with white diamonds stacked above a three round white diamond set in an arrow shape both set in yellow gold.

Nesting Pair No. 17

Starting at $3,550
Two curved 7 black diamond bands set in rose gold, one with smaller diamonds and one with slightly larger diamonds.

Nesting Pair No. 10

Starting at $2,175
Three curve bands with white diamonds two in rose gold and one in yellow gold.

Nesting Suite No. 17

Starting at $4,475
Three solid gold nesting bands in rose, yellow, and white gold.

Nesting Suite No. 16

Starting at $1,575
A serpent band with rubies for eyes set in rose gold stacked above an 11 rubies curved band and a pearl band.

Serpent Suite No. 02

Starting at $4,050
Two solid yellow gold curve bands stacked beneath a crescent shaped white diamond band in yellow gold.

Nesting Suite No. 04

Starting at $2,500
A serpent band with two white diamonds for eyes stacked above an 11 white diamond curve band and a tapered solid gold band in yellow gold.

Serpent Suite No. 01

Starting at $3,730
3 straight bands with leaf like designs, one in yellow, white, and rose gold in three different millimeters and one with white diamond accent stones.

Stacking Suite No. 07

Starting at $2,390
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