A horizontal cascade of 5 engagement rings by Anna Sheffield, all with large and unique diamonds in one-of-a-kind engagement ring settings.
About Us
More than diamonds

Anna Sheffield makes jewelry that is uniquely meaningful. Through our Ceremonial
and Fine Jewelry pieces, we render the ephemeral enduring, capturing the alchemy and energy that bring people together and moments to life.

More than ornamental, each piece of jewelry is a precious talisman, imbued with history, alive with meaning, and destined to be passed down for generations.

A black and white image of 2 holding hands, one hand is wearing a three stone engagement ring with matching curved wedding bands, and the other hand is wearing a textured classic men's wedding band.
A photo of Anna Sheffield wearing a red blouse sitting on a polished wooden bench with a sketchbook in her hands. She is seated besides a jewelry case and a vase of white orchids.
Meet the Designer

Anna Sheffield’s childhood in the Southwest has had an enduring influence on her work, setting the stage for a lifelong interest in natural beauty, spirituality, and all forms of art and design—from architecture to indigenous crafts. These diverse interests led her to pursue a degree in sculpture. After moving to New York City, Anna shifted her attention to jewelry, drawing upon her Fine Art fundamentals to create a singular style—elegant, irreverent, and truly original.

Modern Day Talismans

Bringing together extraordinary materials in unexpected combinations—diamonds in rare forms, extraordinary gems from emeralds to faceted quartz, and a custom range of gold colors—our designs offer a study in juxtaposition. Feminine yet unconventional. Contemporary yet timeless. Each piece an invitation to layer and style together, and to define beauty on your own terms.

An image of the Hazeline Solitaire Engagement ring with a champagne diamond center, propped upwards towards the sky so the basket of the ring can be seen. Beside the engagement ring is a set of nesting bands with white diamonds.

Symbols of love to last forever, our ceremonial collection features contemporary takes on vintage designs and art deco details, in unusual combinations of metals and precious stones. Wedding bands designed to interlock and stack together, create a halo effect. Each unique set is not only dear to those who possess them, but an heirloom-to-be.

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An image of a turquoise bracelet, turquoise ring, and turquoise earrings propped on top of natural stones with moody shadow lighting.
Fine Jewelry

The beauty of the natural world inspires timeless designs that sparkle and delight. Adorning ears, glittering at the neckline and alighting on hands, unique gems evoke the perfection of nature’s own designs, captured in an array of diamonds, gems and semi-precious stones.

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An image of earrings, bands, and a necklace scattered gracefully across a pinkish multi colored background.
Everyday Diamonds

From stackable eternity bands to simple studs, our Fine Jewelry is designed to be styled in myriad ways, to create a signature look that’s unique to you. From diamond dusted hoops, to mix-and-match earrings and delicately layered pendants, our pieces invite endless opportunities to make them your own.

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Fine Jewelry as Unique as You
An image of hand with tattoos on the forearm holds a pencil above a paper with ring sketches during a custom consultation. There are scattered diamonds and ring settings on top of the sketches.

We work with the earth’s finest natural materials; for each original design, stones are hand-picked for their unique sparkle and hue. And in every case, elements of the design and craftsmanship have been considered, making for jewelry that lasts a lifetime. All of our fine jewelry and ceremonial ring designs are available to purchase as seen, or can be made-to-order according to your unique specifications.

Custom & Bespoke

From the first sketch to the final embellishment we offer a truly custom design service. You are able to create a one-of-a-kind commitment ring or future heirloom by partnering with our fine jewelry experts, and can do so remotely or in-person at either of our stores.

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Unexpected materials come together in inspired combinations, rich with symbolism.
Our Materials
Ancient Alchemy

To work with nature’s most precious materials, formed over eons deep within the earth, is—put simply—an honor. We believe that each stone shines with its own light, whether it is a flawless white diamond or a hazy azure sapphire, rich with inclusions. Where some might see imperfection, we see unique beauty, which is why our collections include an array of precious and semi-precious gemstones and colored diamonds, from white, champagne and yellow, to grey and black.

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A close up of a yellow diamond engagement ring with a halo and white gold shank with a soft focus that appears as if the ring is floating in outer space.
An image of a glittering galaxy with stars sprinkled throughout.

At Anna Sheffield, we abide by the highest standards in Fine Jewelry production. In our view, the earth is singular and precious, and this consideration is expressed in a profound commitment to sustainability, ethical production and responsible practice—from single origin gem sourcing, to the use of recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds and reclaimed melée.

Ethics & Sustainability
Our Process

From the first sketch to the final polish, each step of our process is handled with careful consideration and meticulous detail.

The expert setters we work with in New York and Los Angeles come from a lineage of craftsmen trained in the skilled arts required to make true fine jewelry. Building lasting relationships with our artisans ensures that the utmost care goes into crafting each and every piece.

Ethics & Sustainability
Our Sourcing

We source only recycled gold and conflict-free stones, in compliance with the Kimberley process. We also work with lab grown stones and offer the option of antique diamonds and single origin gems where minimum impact is a consideration.

Small Victories

One effort that sets us apart in the jewelry industry, is that our melée (those tiny diamonds that glitter in a halo or along the band) is always reclaimed instead of newly mined, with the exception of black diamond, as these are all new to market. This little bit goes a very long way, as only 20% of all mined diamonds are gem quality.

Ethics & Sustainability
Our Impact

Disturbance of precious earth, water and soil contamination, and decreased biodiversity are just some of the effects of mining, so we consider our reclaimed and recycled material initiatives an important—and imperative—choice for our jewelry.

Ethics & Sustainability
Our Promise

Protecting the delicate balance and natural beauty of this earth through ethical, sustainable, and responsible practice initiatives have become important pillars of the business at Anna Sheffield.

Our promise is to advance these initiatives each year, while continuing to innovate within our industry.

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Giving Back
Our Future Heritage

Anna’s earliest memories are of life in Northern New Mexico, among the splendid high desert environs and the Native American cultures of the Four Corners area. Each had a profound impact on her life as an artist, and informed how she sees the world and our place within it.

Partnering on initiatives that aim to preserve and protect the cultural heritage and landscape of the Southwest have become deeply important to the brand.

THE Future Heritage Fund

The Future Heritage Fund, founded by Anna Sheffield and created in partnership with the New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF), allocates monies to a range of cultural, environmental and educational non-profit organizations in New Mexico.

A minimum of 20% of sales from our Future Heritage Collection benefits the mission of the Future Heritage Fund.

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