"I can’t think of anything more magical than making engagement and wedding rings, and working with insanely beautiful, varied and magical gemstones." - Anna Sheffield

The Jewel Bar

Anna and our expert team of gemologists have hand sourced rare and stunning gemstones and jewels specifically for our Jewel Bar.

Choose from a variety of unmistakable Anna Sheffield settings including: Hazeline, Rosette, Terra Firma, Bea & more. Once you have decided on your stone and style, our expert jewelers will hand craft your gorgeous new piece in 2-6 weeks

From dazzling diamonds, sapphires, tourmaline, emeralds and more, find the stone that speaks to you.


Bespoke Engagement Rings

Our Bespoke design process begins with a signature Anna Sheffield silhouette made custom with your choice of a uniquely beautiful diamond or gemstone, sourced by our phenomenal team. 

We then guide you through a number of personal design choices from metal type and color, to modifying delicate details like options for side stones, adding extra pavé, and otherwise to make each piece your own.


A halo diamond engagement ring set in white gold with a round white diamond center stone and a white diamond halo pave. The ring is pictured here in front facing and from the side.

“Anna is tapped into the fabric like no other. I barely had to express myself for her manifest this ring that has a power and beauty beyond anything I could have imagined.” –Catherine & Tony Hawk

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